Daily SearchCast, September 8, 2006: Google Gets Sitelinks; Yahoo Loses Google; Google & Anonymous Proxies Plus More!

Google finally names those funny links under the top result to be "Sitelinks;" Google becomes a gemologist site on Yahoo; Google accidentally blocks those seeking privacy through anonymous proxy servers and motorcycle jumping the Google home page -- really -- along with more in today's show.

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Stories Discussed In The Show
  • Google Sitelinks: New Name For Those Links Under The Top Listings
    Last year, people started to notice that Google began showing "subtopic" or "subcategory" links below their listing, if they were the first in a Google search. Now, Google's finally confirmed the change as a permanent feature and given it a name: sitelinks. Here's an example of sitelinks in action, which I tapped into doing a search for HP: Notice how under the first result, there are a number of sub-listings, such as:...
  • Google's Title & Description Hijacked In Yahoo Results Due To Glitch
    I reported at the Roundtable that Yahoo! Shows Different Site's Title & Description For Google.com. Apparently, this is visible in the US, and if you conduct search on [google] at Yahoo Search you may notice that the top result for www.google.com has the title, "Elisha Morgan Gemologists." That title comes from a site listed in the Yahoo Directory, that happens to 302 redirect to google.com. So now, Yahoo lists that site's title and description for Google.com. Go figure?...
  • Google Adds Supports For NOODP Tag To Opt Out Of ODP Titles
  • Google News Archive Search Creep
    Earlier this week Google released Google News Archive Search, and I just spotted that database being integrated into Google Search results. I did an ego search on my name, Barry Schwartz and saw at the bottom this:...
  • Google Protecting Itself Or Harming The "Innocent"
    Google blocking privacy technology over at Boing Boing has Cory Doctorow writing up how Google is blocking some proxy servers from making requests. An attempt by Google to stop those trying to protect themselves from prying eyes? Many have told him that it's Google likely stopping automated request from proxies. That doesn't let Google off the hook. Cory writes: But that doesn't change the essential point: Google is fighting bots by compromising its users' privacy -- the countermeasure is a form of punishing the innocent to get at the guilty. OK, Cory, let's spin it around. Let's say that...
  • More On Google & Blocking Privacy Proxies
    Yesterday I wrote about how several proxy servers used by those wishing to search and surf anonymously had apparently been blocked by Google, including the popular Tor service. Google's since explained why these were blocked and how human users can get around the barrier....
  • Nokia Mobile Search is now powered by Yahoo
  • Where Are The Mobile Search Marketers?
    I'm generally swamped when I do a call for speakers for any SES event. There's no end of people who want to talk about paid listings, conversion tracking and so on. But man -- no one is biting for my Mobile SEO panel as SES Multimedia & Mobile this October. I've seen this occasionally before -- a panel simply might be too ahead of the market. Maybe everyone's talking the mobile search talk but no one's doing the walk. If you are, prove me wrong and make a pitch. Details here, and I'm taking them through next Wednesday....
  • Digg's Kevin Rose on Recent Indiggnation: Fact vs. Fiction
  • RH Donnelley Buys LocalLaunch
    The press release has yet to come out but it's official that RH Donnelley, the third largest US yellow pages publisher, has acquired local SEO/SEM firm LocalLaunch. That means YellowPages.com/AT&T is the only remaining major US yellow pages publisher that has not acquired an SEM firm. SuperPages recently bought Inceptor and Yellow Book purchased ClickForward previously. I'll do a more elaborate post on my blog later. Postscript Barry: Just a quick note that ClickZ has more details on this, and the Search Engine Roundtable has the community reaction to the sale. Congrats Justin and Brad!...
  • Google Offers Up Funny AdWords Error Message
  • Inside Google: What Googlers Are Reading
  • Dirtbike Jumping Google Homepage Video
  • Ze Frank's nerdcore standup routine at TED

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