Daily SearchCast, September 14, 2006: Do Business Queries Beat Sex? Yahoo Ties Up With Acer; Google Fights Over Gmail; Worship Google? Plus More!

The Church Of Google

Do more people search for business and commerce info than sex and porn? Yahoo partners to be the default on Acer computers; Google's giving away money for good causes; Google's buying up companies; German fight over who is the real Gmail; are search ads too low rent for big brands? A wicked way to check links to your site from Wikipedia & more!

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Stories Discussed In The Show

  • Business Searching Beats Sex Queries & Who's Handing Out The Query Data?
    There's a new paper out saying that business topics have ousted sex topics as top searches. Forget the findings, however. In the wake of the AOL search data uproar, I wanted to know where the 20 to 30 million search sessions studied came from....
  • It's Easy to Complain About Web Privacy, A Lot Harder to Act
  • Yahoo & Acer Partner: Yahoo Search Default Search Engine on Acer Computers
    The Financial Times reports that Yahoo has partnered with Acer, the fourth largest PC manufacturer to set the default search engine to Yahoo Search on those machines. In addition, the default home page for those browsers will be a co-branded page with links to Yahoo services. The terms of this deal were not disclosed, but we know it will be a multi-year partnership....
  • Intuit & Google Announce Major Local Search Marketing Partnership
    In a development with potentially sweeping implications for local search and small business online marketing, Intuit has announced a partnership with Google that integrates AdWords campaign management and other Google-related features directly into the workflow of QuickBooks, the company's bestselling software package for small business. QuickBooks has 3.7 million active small business customers. A similar set of capabilities is contemplated for a future release of Intuit's other bestselling software program Quicken....
  • Philanthropy Google’s Way: Not the Usual
  • Google: Expanding One Start-Up At A Time
    The Washington Post has an interesting article looking at Google's acquisition strategy, in Google Goes to Market. The article shows how Google has spent a lot less than it's competitors. In fact, it appears Google's goals behind their acquisitions differ greatly from Yahoo and eBay. The article describes that Google tends to buy companies that are early in the stages of development, and then when they acquire them, Google "has done little to highlight them." It is rare for Google to tell the public why they bought a certain company. It is also not like Google wants to buy software,...
  • Google Fights To Use "Gmail" Name In Germany
    News.com has a great write up named Behind Google's German courtroom battle. Google had to stop using the name Gmail in the UK, the same thing is being fought over in Germany. Daniel Giersch, a German venture capitalist, has who has a six-year-old trademark registration of g-mail, will not give up his trademark to Google. The German courts have required Google to remove all references to "Gmail" on Google's pages within Germany. Google is trying to argue that "G-mail" is different from "Gmail" and they should be allowed to use the name in Germany. Google is not giving up on...
  • Yahoo! Opens New E-Mail to All Users in US, 18 Countries, Bloomberg
  • Making Search More Creative
  • YAT21L: Matt Cutts On SEO
    The only problem with Matt Cutts blogging is that it gets harder and harder to remember all the great nuggets he gives out. I want a chart! Maybe I'll make one. In the meantime, 21 Great SEO Tips From Google’s Matt Cutts from SEO Egghead is a nice reference list of Cuttsian proclamations and wisdom over time. Spotted via SEO Black Hat, which notes not everyone might believe what Matt says. True, but it's still nice to know what he said, even if you want to view it with a critical eye. Oh, that acronym? Tell you what? One good...
  • Google Spamming own results
  • More on Yahoo Search Ads & PayPal Icons
  • Hitwise Data Center Offers Search Terms & Top Search Engines For Various Countries
    New from Hitwise is the Hitwise Data Center, sharing details on web surfing behavior. There are different data centers for various countries, and for search marketers, two key reports tell you top terms and top search engines....
  • Checking Back Links From Wikipedia Articles
    Steve Rubel spotted a new page at Wikipedia that allows you to quickly locate all the links pointing to a specific site from within the Wikipedia. This page allows you to enter in a domain, and it will bring back all the pages that have links pointing to that domain from within the Wikipedia. For example, Search Engine Watch has 107 citations from the Wikipedia, just search using the syntax *.searchenginewatch.com to find out. It is a great way to see what types of Wiki links you have and also to see how people are using your content in a...
  • The Church Of Google (visit it here)

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