Daily SearchCast, September 19, 2006: Google News Told To Drop Belgian News Sites; Google & Apple To Partner?; Yahoo Tries To Keep Talent Happy & More!


A Brussels court orders Google to remove Belgian news sites; Google gets more politically active; Google & Apple to partner on video and ads?; Yahoo working to keep good talent from leaving; Baidu growing in China; URL searching changes on Google; are those Wikipedia ads on Google? And more!

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Stories Discussed In The Show

  • My Time At Euro Foo Camp 2006, Daggle
  • Belgian Court Orders Google To Remove Content From Google News & Cache
    Reuters reports the big news of the day that Google has been ordered by a Belgian court to remove all articles, photographs and graphics from French-speaking newspapers. Copiepresse issued the complaint and won the court ruling on September 5th. Not only does this require Google to remove content from Google News, the court order requires removing the content from the Google cache. ChillingEffects.org has a link to the full court order....
  • Google Ordered to End Belgian News Usage, Associated Press
  • Newspapers demanding Google cache removal being zapped from index ..., Pascal Van Hecke
  • Google's Political Action Committee: Google NetPAC
    Threadwatch Via Threadwatch, Google will flex political muscles PAC to raise money for causes, candidates; lobbyists on board from the San Francisco Chronicle covers how Google has created its own Political Action Committee named Google NetPAC to to support candidates backing "an open and free internet." Google has some small footprints in Washington already, hiring a lobbying firm in the past to help push public policy in the direction Google wants it to go....
  • Google & Apple To Do Content, Ad Deals?
    Google and Apple in iTV content talks from The Register covers how Google may be providing video clips for Apple's "iTV," announced at last week's Apple developers conference. Meanwhile, Apple is about to break big into ad sales from Valleyway covers a rumor ad partnership between Apple and Google. Vallleywag says Apple will soon carry Google ads on its web sites and within iTunes. I guess Google's CEO joining the Apple board does make the two companies more friendly. Google will be providing video content to Apple and plus help Apple monetize their products and content with Google Ads -...
  • Yahoo Creating Incubators To Keep Hired Talent
    GigaOM reports that Yahoo is creating incubators, code named Brickhouse, to give some of Yahoo's talent a place to work without the bureaucracy of a large company. The person running the Brickhouse, love that name by the way, is Flickr founder Caterina Fake. It is apparent that Yahoo knows that hiring new talent is a hard thing to do, but keeping current talent, may be harder - definitely more important, in my opinion....
  • Baidu Holds 62% Share In China
    LinuxWorld reports that Baidu, the Chinese search engine, has 62.1 percent share based on a China Internet Network Information Centre (CNNIC) report. That is up 10 points from 52 percent in 2005. In terms of brand recognition in China, 86.5 percent identifying with the name "Baidu," where only 64 percent identifying with the name "Google" in China. The study does state that 76.3 percent use more than one search engine regularly. The article everyone is buzzing about is a NY Times article named The Rise of Baidu (That’s Chinese for Google), it really does make for a good read....
  • Google's China Situation Better Than You Might Think -- And Other China Search News
  • Windows Live Hot? You Won't Know Since Referer Data Is Stripped
    Shocking, but true, Live.com Is Not Passing Referral Information, as I reported this morning. I spent the past 30 minutes or so debating with Danny and digging through my own log files and asking DaveN for his confirmation on this. Windows Live Search, which is now the default MSN search engine strips out the referer data, so you cannot track the traffic they are sending to you. After review, it seems like Live.com is using some sort of JavaScript to do some sort of click tracking, without using a URL string to track the click. That JavaScript appears to be...
  • Google Adds Tabs To Personalized Home Page
    Last night Google has added the ability to add and manage tabs on your personalized home page. At the top of the page, you should see a "Add a tab" link. Clicking on that will enable you to add a tab to your home page, helping you keep your Google home page more organized. Both Garrett Rogers and I took screen captures of our personalized home pages. Garrett added a "work" tab, I decided to add a "feeds" tab, that contains all my feeds. This can be very handy for those who are big into Google Personalized home page....
  • URL Vs. Navigational Queries Explained: AKA, Why Did URL Searches At Google Change?
    Matt Cutts from Google has a great follow up on our reports that Google Modifies Navigational Search Results from about two-plus weeks ago. In his post, he explains that when you search on a URL (i.e. www.searchenginewatch.com), Google has stopped showing the information for the URL and now shows a standard search on the words in the URL itself. I learned two things from Matt's post....
  • See Ads? Now You Don't! Google AdWords Rotating Out Top Sponsored Links
    Google is now displaying or not displaying the top sponsored links (with the blue background) based on searcher behavior. What I mean is that if you, as an individual, tend not to click on ads, Google will drop off the top ads from the page and place them on the right side. I discovered this in the morning, and I have a quote from a WebmasterWorld member in my post named Google Testing Removing Top Blue Ads Based on User Behavior, which says that Google is in fact testing this. I personally tested it myself and noticed that if I...
  • Yahoo To Run Huge Global Advertising Campaign
    Reuters reports that Yahoo is going to be running a multimillion-dollar global advertising campaign consisting of television, radio, cinema and online advertising. The campaign will be promoting a number of Yahoo's products and services, including Yahoo Answers and email. It is reported that the commercials and campaigns will contain the "Do You Yahoo? tagline and take a "humorous look at life with -- and without -- the benefits of Yahoo services." Yes, Danny, donuts are involved, there will be a "Dunkin' Donuts iced coffee giveaway for Yahoo visitors on Friday, September 22."...
  • Danny And Donuts
  • Why Is Wikipedia Advertising On Google?
    Wikipedia Advertising Shows Up on Google from Micro Persuations covers how Wikipedia is apparently advertising content on Google. A search on crowdsourcing in Google brings up a Wikipedia ad in the sponsored listing area that says: Crowdsourced Software 1. Harness this exciting wave. 2. Save money or make money! wikipedia.org/Crowdsourcing Yes, the same landing page is shown on the organic listings as well. So why would the Wikipedia be spending money on those ads? Is it even Wikipedia who is purchasing those ads? Maybe it is a 3rd party that is interested in getting more content added to certain Wikipedia...

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