Daily SearchCast, September 20, 2006: Is The Search Bubble Popping? Where's The Search Box Gone On Google Base? Will Search Ever Change? And More!


Yahoo warns that some ad spending is down and its stock plunges, along with Google's. Google Base loses the search box -- a further sign it was never designed for searchers. Speaking of design, Danny talks about why search interfaces haven't changed. Host Todd Friesen tries to get a word in edgewise, unsuccessfully -- and yep, much more!

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Stories Discussed In The Show

  • My Time At Euro Foo Camp 2006
  • Yahoo CEO Says Ad Growth Slowing Down; Ask.com To Increase Market Share
    The Wall Street Journal reports that Terry Semel, Yahoo's CEO, has warned that online advertising growth will be slowing in automotive and financial services industries. He said that there is still growth, but "but they're not growing as quickly as we might have hoped at this point in time," Semel said. On that news, Yahoo's shared dropped $3.47, or 12%, to $25.54. Barry Diller, CEO of IAC, said he can see Ask.com gaining market share, about 8 to 10 percent share. More details on that story at Reuters.com. Postscript From Danny: See my follow-up post, Again, The Need For Search...
  • Six Wall Street Reactions to Yahoo's Warning
  • Again, The Need For Search Ad Revenue To Stand Alone
    Has the search bubble popped, given Yahoo's warning yesterday about declining ad revenue? That warning generated a stock plunge that has hit both Yahoo and Google. No, it's probably not a search bubble. Instead, it's a lesson in the danger of not breaking out search ad revenue from other forms. Exactly as Robert Scoble notes here, the ad slip at Yahoo is not necessarily a search ad problem. What Robert calls "banner ads" is more specifically display advertising, graphical ads that are not pay-per-click text ads that show up in response to a search. Yahoo has a much bigger display...
  • Google Base Drops Search Box As Part Of Usability Improvements
    The Google Base Blog announced that they have updated the Google Base home page to make it easier to use. Garett Rogers over at Googling Google has a deeper look at those changes. Basically, merchants were confused on the different options available to them, so Google made it clearer. A significant change from a searcher's standpoint is that they have removed the search box from the Google Base home page. You can still search, but you need to be within Google Base already to do so, such as from the dashboard. This makes it probably the first Google search product...
  • The Unchanging Search Interface
    Why Search Sucks & You Won't Fix It The Way You Think from me on my personal blog Daggle covers a session I did at Euro Foo Camp this week. It looks at how the search interface of major search engines has largely stayed unchanged over time. We're still using what I call the "DOS of Search." Interestingly, the Google Base change that just happened is a unique event -- the first major search engine to have an important property without that all-important search box on the home page. For me, it's just another sign of how Google Base is...
  • Microsoft To Enter Chinese Market With China Telecom
    People's Daily Online reports in Microsoft opens search market with China Teleco that Microsoft is starting push their way into the Chinese search market through a new deal with China Telecom. China Telecom China's is said to be China's largest "network operator and internet provider, providing 25 million customers with broadband service. It has more than 80 million internet users and over 400 city portal webs." The deal, in some way, will give the 25 million customers Live Search features (not sure how exactly). As we noted earlier, Baidu is rocking in China, Google is doing OK and Yahoo is...
  • AdWords doesn't want Canadian Qualified Companies in Google Advertising Professionals
  • Google Webmaster Central's Vanessa Fox & Amanda Camp Interviewed
    Seattle 24x7 has an excellent conversation with Vanessa Fox and Amanda Camp of Google on Google Webmaster Central and working at Google. Both Google women began working at Google in April of 2005 in Seattle. They discuss the conception of Google Webmaster Central (also known as Google Sitemaps). The discussion also goes into the 20% time and recruiting Google women. You can see a picture of the "Seattle's Sisters of Search" also....
  • Video Search Usage for August 2006
    Hitwise just released August 2006 market share data for the most popular online video search sites.
  • Zillow Adds 'Owner-Generated' Content
    Real estate search site Zillow.com has added personalization features and the ability for homeowners to publish their own information beside Zillows home-valuation "Zestimates." A new "My Zillow" feature allows users to track homes and save other content to a personal page. Zillow previously allowed homeowners to modify and/or correct the details, features and amenities of their homes and recalculate the estimated value. Those details and modifications can now be made public beside Zillow's own Zestimate if owners so choose. Zillow's Zestimates have been critiqued in some quarters for being inflated or otherwise inaccurate. This capability will help add more accurate...
  • Customizing Your Own Search Engine
    Want to build your own search engine that skews toward your favorite sites or topic, but don't have a few billion to start up your own company? No problem: A number of companies are now offering services that let you tweak their technology to create a highly personalized search experience for you and your blog or web site users. More on these services by SEW correspondent Phil Bradley in today's SearchDay article, Your Search, Your Way....
  • Yahoo Teams Up With Gore's Current TV
    The news is buzzing about the Current TV and Yahoo partnership. Current TV, founded by Al Gore, and Yahoo announced the launch of The Yahoo Current Network. This network is to "combine professional and user-generated video clips" reports the New York Times. The paper says each show will likely "be preceded by a 15- or 30-second commercial," which is the first time Yahoo "included commercials with user-generated content." TechCrunch notes that this video at Yahoo describes a bit more about how the shows will run, and it also describes "VC2," viewer created content (i.e. user generated content). The user contributed...
  • Topless Nude Sunbathers! In Google Earth…

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