Daily SearchCast, September 21, 2006: Bush Gone, Then Back, For Miserable Failure Search; Google's Indexing Fight In Belgium & More!

Bush Bio

The miserable failure search bringing up President George W. Bush's biography on major search engines finally changes after a White House restructuring; more on Google's fight in Belgium over listing news sites; the Chicago Tribune's big look at search; an exploding laptop at Yahoo and more!

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Stories Discussed In The Show

  • Bush Bio Changes For Miserable Failure Query Due To White House Change
    Since 2004, a search on Google and Yahoo for "miserable failure" has almost always ranked the the official George W. Bush biography tops. Link bombing, as I've covered here, caused it to happen. But yesterday, folks at Threadwatch spotted that it has changed. What happened? The White House moved the bio to a new page, which has caused the old page to disappear for that search temporarily. Now, at least for me, the bio is ranking tops again at a new location. The change is something a future president probably won't like....
  • See Google Results As If You Are In Another Country
    This morning at the Search Engine Roundtable, I reported that you can now easily Check Your Google Results in Any Country. How? Well, go to oy-oy.eu/google/world/ and then select ti he locations you want to compare side by side. Danny and I tested this out and it seems to be working well. Danny is in the UK and I am in the US, we searched on liar in Google.com, both not signed in to Google. I then compared the results Danny saw on his screen and I saw on my screen, with a side by side comparison of the US location...
  • Google's Belgium Fight: Show Me The Money, Not The Opt-Out, Say Publishers
    I've had a long talk with the group that so far has successfully sued Google in Belgium over indexing, a talk that leaves me thinking they don't fully understand how search engines work and why their arguments over copyright infringement will ultimately fail. Then again, the case is really about trying to convince Google it should pay to carry their news content. A closer look at all this in the story below, as well as an update on the situation in general, including an appeal for Google that's been granted....
  • KinderStart Issues An Amended Complaint Against Google
    Eric Goldman wrote that KinderStart has issued a 63 page second amended complaint against Google. KinderStart lost their first case against Google back in July of this year - that case was, in my opinion, ridiculous. This new complaint is even worse. The 43(B)log summarizes the complaints, calling many of them "incomprehensible." Eric Goldman says "I expect Google will file a motion to dismiss, which the judge will grant, at least in part (at minimum, to eliminate the Violation of Free Speech claim). I expect Google to go on the counter-offensive and renew its anti-SLAPP motions."...
  • Chicago Tribune Does Big Search Package
    The Chicago Tribune is running a big package on search today. There's little new or suprrising for regular readers of this blog, but you might find it interesting to see how a mainstream newspaper tries to dive into the search wars. Gunning For Google hosts the package from there, you find.......
  • Facebook Flirts With a Big-Money Deal, Wall Street Journal
  • Nokia to put Microsoft search on cellphones, Reuters
  • Trulia Expands, Gets Local
  • Microsoft Fixes Referral Bug in Windows Live Search, Search Engine Roundtable
  • Google Checkout Integrates with Froogle, Google Operating System
  • Mining for SEO Gold in Search Engine Patents
    The major search engines are all frequent filers of patent applications. While most of these documents make for fascinating reading, do they offer any useful clues for optimizing web pages that might give search marketers an edge? Maybe, maybe not, said a panel at a recent Search Engine Strategies conference. Shari Thurow was there and has more on the session in today's SearchDay article, Do Patents Point to SEO Gold?....
  • Google Book Search Adds "Find It At The Library" Link
    The Google Book Search blog announced a feature named "Find this book in a library." How does it work? I went to a book and clicked on the Find this book in a library, which takes you to the OCLC Worldcat. Then you type in your postal code, state, province or country. I entered in a NYC zip code, 10010 into the search box. Then I clicked on the first result and ended up at this page that showed me that the status is available. More details at Google Book Search Help Center....
  • del.icio.us BBQ Birthday Party at Yahoo!
  • Dell battery explodes at Yahoo HQ, hundreds evacuate
  • The Google Book From 1913
  • Google Pigeon Rank

Comments (1)

Regarding the reasons why users may enter a domain in a search box, I don't doubt the impact of box confusion, but I believe there is another factor in play.

Many users simply don't know which domain suffix to use. Is it .com, .co.uk, .net, .eu, .it? Granted this problem is probably more common outside the US, but I can imagine it exists to a degree there as
well. In Italy, users are also sometimes not sure how to spell the name of a foreign company or product.

Ordinary people I've spoken to about this say they trust Google to get it right rather than taking the risk of entering a domain and ending up on a
site which might install a dialer or steal their children!

Sean Carlos

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