Daily SearchCast, September 22, 2006: BusinessWeek Cover Story On Click Fraud; Publishers Push For New Robots.txt System; Got SEO On The Brain? And More!

BusinessWeek takes a detailed look at click fraud; Google and Saturn partner up to push cars; publishers propose a super robots.txt file model; people learning to hack ATMs through docs they find online; ways to tell if you're too much into SEO and more!

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Wardo [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Hi Danny. Just listening in on my way home from work at Medtronic. Yes, the humor quotient is higher and the Sullivan [Heavy Sigh] Meter has been registering only very low decibel groans these past few weeks.

I do like a rant now and then, so how about talking a bit on how you feel about Digg and why. Just reading between the lines and listening to your eyes roll when you mention Digg. What’s up?

I’m not an avid digger myself, but I find quite a few interesting tidbits I probably would not come across any other way by browsing the top daily diggs. I also find it quite handy to refer back to an article I “dugg” by going back to my profile and looking it up.

I’d like to hear more thoughts on this from you.

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