Daily SearchCast, September 25, 2006: Google Belgium Posts Legal Ruling On Home Page; The End Of Froogle?; Does Google Have A Second Act? Plus More!

Google Belgium With Legal Ruling

Google complies with a Belgian legal ruling, generating the most amount of text you're likely to ever to see on the Google home page. Froogle looks to disappear as Google works to integrate product results directly into regular search. Will Google have a "second act" hit? How can you get .edu links? Plus more!

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Sunday [TypeKey Profile Page]:


Here is the SEOmoz post on Google Audio, it was actually some guys from PlumberSurplus.com that went to the Google Irvine office and posted a guest blog on SEOmoz.



I love the Google.be story - its just funny from every angle..

Hey. I think many people have mistunderstood the ruling. I think the main issue is that while their news are free, the Belgian newspapers archives are *not* free. And I think they could not find a way to get those news out of the Google cache once they're not free any more.
I tried to explain this here.

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