Daily SearchCast, September 27, 2006: Google Talks Copyright, Turns Eight; Predicting Search Revenues; Evil Matt Cutts & More!

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Google posts on its official blog about how it deals with copyright and protecting the rights of content owners; Google Matt Cutts talks with John Battelle on paid links and other issues; Matt Cutts gains an evil twin; online ad spend continues to grow, with search the biggest slice; Google celebrates its eight birthday and more!

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Stories Discussed In The Show

  • Google Talks On Its Approach To Content & Copyright
    Our approach to content at the Official Google Blog has Google explaining to the world how it works with content owners and its desire to respect their rights. In terms of copyright, Google stresses that it generally sticks to what's known as fair use, though the post doesn't use those words. The idea is that it shows very short summaries of stories, pages, thumbnails of images but doesn't reprint this material, requiring people to clickthrough to the actual material from places like Google News....
  • John Battelle Talks With Matt Cutts & Nofollow Attribute The Same As Meta Robots Nofollow?
    John Battelle has a short interview with Google spam fighter Matt Cutts. The most interesting part I found was news that the W3C has added a meta nofollow tag to their page with paid links, which Matt seems to say is the same as the completely different nofollow attribute and thus something acceptable for to do by those selling links who fear the wrath of Google....
  • Evil Matt Cutts: Matt's Evil Twin Brother
    Spotted via SEO Home, it appears someone launched an alter ego to Matt Cutts's blog at evilmattcutts.com. You got to admit, this is funny. The picture, the reworded blog posts, and the concept. One example blog post is named How to Verify Google Bot, then Kill and cook him. Who owns the site? Well, I know who owns the domain, http://whois.domaintools.com/evilmattcutts.com. Matt, what happened to your front tooth?...
  • What's Cooking in Search Engine Labs
    Many of the major search engines showcase the projects they are working on in their respective research labs. Want a peek behind the scenes? Read on in today's SearchDay article, Behind the Scenes in the Search Engine Labs....
  • The Internet, 'Family 2.0' And The 43-Hour Day
    Yahoo and OMD issued the findings from the latest round of their ongoing global research project in 16 contries that involves online surveys and in-person interviews. What they found is that through technology and multitasking families are cramming the equivalent of 43 hours of activity into a 24 hour day. They also found that the Internet (and mobile phones) are a significant part of the fabric of daily family life. There's a lot of interesting material in the findings. The top level data can be found in this release....
  • 2006 Online Ad Spend: 37% Increase in '06 & Search Remains Hot
    The Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) in conjunction with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) released online ad revenue figures for the first two quarters of 2006, showing a 37% increase year-over-year for the same period. The first half of 2006, revenues from online ads were $7.9 billion. Search counted for approximately 40 percent of those figures, at $3,164 million. Like in the past, they do not break out contextual ads from search ads....
  • Google's Black Box Confounds Stock Analysts, Google Watch
  • Yahoo! Management's Response to the Forced Vacation Backlash, Jeremy Zawodny
    Indeed Launches Salary Search Beta
    Indeed, the job search engine, announced the launch of a Salary Search tool. It basically allows you to enter in a job title description and a location (optional) to find "objective" and "current" salaries for jobs offered based on your search. It pulls the data from "millions of current job listings." Below is a screen cast I performed on my computer while testing it out, you will need to boost up your speaker volume to hear it (sorry)....
  • OneSky Travel Search Engine For Private Jet Flights
    Can't afford your own private jet, like the 767 the Google cofounders own, but like the idea of flying privately? OneSky is a new search engine allowing you to book room on private jets between destinations within the United States. They tell me:...
  • Look For Movies Filmed in Your Area, ResearchBuzz
  • Celestia - Explore the Universe, Google Operating System
  • Emilio Estevez: 'I used to Google my name to see what came up - it hurt', The Guardian
  • Google's 8th Birthday
    Google put up a special birthday logo for themselves today, since today is Google's 8th birthday. Or is it? In last years post, we asked Didn't Google Just Have A Birthday? We quoted the When is Google's birthday? from Google's support page, which said back then;...

Comments (3)

qpqpqpq [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Hi guys,

Long time listener, first time poster here. Regarding the first segment of the show and copyright, and where the grey area becomes a bona fide violation, what are you guys' thoughts on scraper sites? I know the term can mean a lot of things, but let's say a site reproduces another site's RSS feed on one of its pages using a tool like the one provided at http://www.rss-info.com/en_rssinclude-simple.html . The repackaging of the feed does include the name of the original site, assuming that site owner has configured their xml file properly. Certainly it's in the grey area, but in you guys' does that cross the line?

Li [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Hey Danny had a great chuckle at the evil matt cutts blog, but my curiosity got the better of me. Wanted to see who's behind it. Did a little digging and got an even bigger chuckle at what comes up for the registrant of the blog in Google. Posted a screen cap on Search Marketing Gurus - if you're interested.

Who Really Is Matt's Evil Twin?

Roland [TypeKey Profile Page]:

I've been listening for a few months and enjoy the podcast. Happy Birthday, Google. After thinking about the past eight years, I felt a bit mischievous and wrote up a list of how Google has improved my life. Please check it out. Thanks. (Don't worry, it's clean.)

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