Daily SearchCast, October 3, 2006: Google Launches SearchMash; Amazon Shutters Many A9 Features; Doing Digg & More!

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Google launches new SearchMash test site and purposely leaves off Google branding; Amazon's A9 pulls back from search; all your stores belong to Google Base Store Connector; gaming Digg and getting traffic from it; Matt Cutts on PageRank questions and more!

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Stories Discussed In The Show

  • Google's New SearchMash Test Site
    Google's gained a new unbranded site called SearchMash where it plans to test user interface ideas without Google's brand somehow skewing the tests. Below, more about the site and comments from Google about it....
  • Amazon's A9 Becomes, Well, Sort Of Nothing
    Amazon's A9 saw the loss of its driving force Udi Manber to Google earlier this year. Now two years after its launch, A9 itself has lost virtually all of its  many of its distinguishing features, according to an update from the company, including:...
  • Google Base Store Connector
    Have an eBay store? How about a Yahoo store or an Amazon store? If yes, and you want into Google Base, you can now get into it easily get your products into Google Base from those three sources. Google released Google Base Store Connector, a tool that allows you to export your products from eBay, Yahoo or Amazon and bulk upload them to Google Base. The listings will then show your products and link them over to your eBay listings, or Yahoo Store or Amazon Store. Some more details at Google Operating System blog....
  • Ask.com Sponsored Listings 2.0 Launched
    Ask.com launched a version 2.0 of their sponsored listings program yesterday. The new features include a daily budgeting solution, a variable refill account self-service feature, an hourly billable data report, bulk upload enhancements and dashboard reports. More details at the official press release and over at ClickZ....
  • Cost-Per-Keyword Increases Slightly In Q2
    MediaPost reports that keyword prices for the second quarter have pretty much remained flat from the previous quarter. The DoubleClick's Performics study showed a slight increase in the "cost-per-keyword" of 14 cents or about 0.5 percent. The number of clicks grew 32-percent year-over-year, with "active keywords" growing almost 50-percent....
  • How To Game Digg & Why You Shouldn't
    Peter Da Vanzo shows how you can pay someone to Digg your content for a fee. SEO Blackhat reveals a guaranteed way to get your content on the front page of Digg. But after-all, is it worth gaming the Digg system or any social networking type of site's system to get that exposure? Rand explores the pros and cons of gaming Digg - it may not all be positive....
  • Google's Matt Cutts Answers Questions On PageRank
    Ever since Google has become popular, SEOs and webmasters have been trying to uncover the hidden secrets of Google's PageRank. Last night, Matt Cutts of Google answered some questions in his more info on PageRank blog post. What should you take away from the questions and answers? Matt said, "you won’t see any search engine result page (SERP) changes as a result of this PageRank export." In short, Google takes their "internal PageRanks, put them on a 0-10 scale, and export them so that they’re visible to Google Toolbar users." By the time those numbers are pushed to the Google...
  • Get 20 Years For Meta Tag Abuse
    Via Google Blogoscoped, Meta tag abusers face 20 years in prison from The Register covers how a new law in the US might land some people using meta tags in trouble, if they are trying to mislead children. Specifically, the law says "whoever knowingly embeds words or digital images into the source code of a website with the intent to deceive a minor into viewing material harmful to minors on the internet shall be fined under this title and imprisoned for not more than 20 years." Meta tag controls were added to the Stop Adults Facilitating the Exploitation of Youth...
  • Hastert Dismisses Call for Resignation Amid Foley Scandal, Washington Post
  • Perverted Justice calls Google a corporate sex offender, Valleywag
  • Google 'Ask us anything' except..., Phil Bradley
  • Washington Post On Google's I'm Feeling Lucky Button, Washington Post
  • Eric Schmidt to address Tory conference, The Register
  • Google Germany's Reunification Logo, Google Blogoscoped
  • It's a Boy! Going on Maternity Leave, Search Engine Guide (congrats, Jennifer!)

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Li [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Great show Danny, I think this was the funniest one I've heard and it had me in stitches!

Thanks for letting us know about Jenn having Emmitt, too!

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