Daily SearchCast, October 9, 2006: Google Buying YouTube?; Google Easing Off On Product Releases; Google Blog Hacked; Google News Nudity & More!

Google News - Porn Edition

Rumors say Google's looking at buying YouTube, just the latest in a ton of video search news; Microsoft cuts a mobile search ads deal with Ingenio; Google slows the product train to focus on improving existing products; Google's official blog gets hacked; a nude woman appears in Google News and more!

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Stories Discussed In The Show

  • Google Acquisition Of YouTube Rumor
    Speculation about a potential acquisition of YouTube by Google is heating up. The Wall Street Journal reports and here's more coverage and buzz. Previously it was reported that Yahoo was in similar talks to buy the site. The rumor first appeared this morning on TechCrunch....
  • Google moves closer to YouTube deal, VentureBeat
  • WOW South Park On YouTube, Google Video, Other Video Sharing Sites, InsideGoogle
  • Google Video Adds Free Warner & Sony Music Videos, Search Engine Journal
  • Google Video Adds "Unlisted" Option, Google Blogoscoped
  • Alex Jones : Google Video is Censoring Me, Threadwatch
  • Microsoft Partners With Blinkx On Video Search
    Blinkx signs Microsoft pact from Reuters covers how video search company Blinkx is expected to announce today a partnership with Microsoft to power Microsoft's video search needs, such as at Windows Live Search Videos....
  • Windows Live Search Mobile PPCall Deal With Ingenio
    A few weeks ago Google introduced sponsored listings into mobile search. Yahoo followed last week. Now Microsoft has partnered with Ingenio to deliver pay-per-call listings into Windows Live Search for mobile. But unlike the other two programs this is not being launched in beta....
  • Cingular Wireless Voice-Enabled Mobile Local Search
    More and more directory assistance (DA) is starting to morph into voice-enabled mobile (local) search. This piece in the NY Times over the weekend describes a new deal between automated voice services company Tellme Networks and Cingular Wireless for an expanded service that will offer a range of options that are much broader than current DA. Here's a previous post about how directory assistance call volumes indicate mobile search category demand....
  • Google Calls Operational Pause On Products & Yes, New Rollouts Were Hurting Search
    Google Puts Lid on New Products from the Los Angeles Times is great news from Google -- Sergey Brin leading an attitude change of "features, not products" to get Googlers to improve what they already have rather than push out new stuff. From the story:...
  • Official Google Blog Gets Hacked After Message On Security
    The Official Google Blog was hacked over the weekend, happening embarrassingly after Google had just posted about how seriously it takes security. It's also follows a pseudo-hack earlier this year, when someone else took over the Google Blog when the company accidentally deleted it....
  • Picasa Fixes Privacy Vulnerability, Google Blogoscoped
  • Coke Counters Bad PR With Search Ads
    Coca-Cola Counters Critics With Search Ads from MediaPost covers how Coke is using search marketing to get the word out about a court victory where it was accused by a Colombian trade union of intimidating and assassinating union leaders....
  • Google To Subpoena Yahoo, Microsoft For Info To Help In It Book Scanning Lawsuit
    Just in from Bloomberg, Google to Subpoena Yahoo, Microsoft on Book Scanning covers how Google hopes that gaining information from rival book scanning programs will help it defend itself in copyright lawsuits over its own scanning program. From the story: Google, which doesn't disclose how many books it has scanned, also wants to know the title, authors and copyright status of books already offered through competitors' book projects, according to the documents. The right to subpoena has been granted, but information is to be kept confidential and used only in the litigation....
  • Google Print Helping Book Sales
    Despite a skeptical publishing community some publishers are seeing increased sales from Google's book scanning project. Reuters quotes several publishers as seeing increased sales. And here are the top 10 books on Google Book Search....
  • Yahoo Gives Update On Site Explorer
    Site Explorer Authentication - Some Improvements and Notes from the Yahoo Search Blog gives an update, tips and some bug fixes for those making use of the service, especially focused on issues with authentication....
  • Google Blog Search Adds Ping Support
    The Google Blog announced that Google Blog Search now supports the acceptance of pings. So when you add a new blog entry and you support RSS/XML/Atom you can send Google Blog Search a ping at their Blog Search Pinging Service. How do you do this? Well, you can read more at About Google Blog Search Pinging Service and view the Pinging API yourself. I tested it out on a different blog and got a 404, but it is very possible I pinged the wrong URL, I will test it again shortly. Postscript From Danny: Movable Type users want to put...
  • Google to Offer Annual Bonuses of Up to $3 Million, Bloomberg
  • Google News - Porn Edition?
    Barry Schwartz emailed me to take a look at the entertainment section at Google News a little while ago. No, Google's not gone into porn -- but yes, that's Jessica Simpson nude that accidentally got up on the page. You can see there was story about the movie "Employee of the Month," and the thumbnail picture came from this article about the movie. For family-friendly viewing, I've inserted a tactful black box. Here's the uncensored view of what Google News had....

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Clay [TypeKey Profile Page]:

I'm lucky, I get paid to listen to you at work!

What? No rants today? I love the rants.

Official Google Blog gets hacked...They were just asking for it with all that bragging.
As for the Porn in Google News, I wonder how much higher the click through rate for that article was!

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