Daily SearchCast, October 11, 2006: Digesting GooTube; Wither Yahoo?; "Free Stuff" Ads On Google Under Attack; Google's Master Plan Erased & More!

Google Master Plan

Will the Google purchase of YouTube make Google partner MySpace upset? Is Yahoo unable to complete? Is Google allowing misleading ads about "free" products on its service? Who erased Google's master plan, and what will they do now? Praise from Matt Cutts and Robert Scoble for the Daily SearchCast on the same dayand more!

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Stories Discussed In The Show

  • MySpace Threatens YouTube After Google's Buyout
    A Wall Street Journal article shows how the folks over at News Corp., the owners of MySpace.com, have threatened to cut "off the MySpace links to YouTube" because YouTube didn't respond to News Corp's email request to have an "opportunity to participate in the sale process." Google with YouTube and News Corp. with MySpace are to meet this week in LA to "discuss new ways of working together." The Wall Street Journal explains that News Corp. is threatened by the acquisition of YouTube by Google, making YouTube a much more powerful competitor to the MySpace property....
  • How Google Should Monetize YouTube With AdWords & AdSense, JenSense
  • Google paid stunning YouTube price: Time Warner CEO, Reuters
  • AOL UK Sold For About $687 Million To Carphone Warehouse, PaidContent.org
  • Cancelling AOL For The New Free Service, Daggle
  • Bubblespotting: MeeVee's fantastical branded building, Valleywag
  • InfoSpace to lay off 250 people, Seattle Times
  • Yahoo Hurting While Google Healthier Than Ever
    The NY Times has an article named Yahoo’s Growth Being Eroded by New Rivals (free version available at (IHT.com). The article goes through how Yahoo is suffering and lagging behind its competitors. (1) They made a bid at YouTube but those deals broke down, according to the article, and Google "swooped" them up. (2) The new Yahoo search ad system, Panama, is over a year delayed. This "delay has sucked up the company’s engineering resources and prevented it from developing new advertising products."...
  • Google's "False & Deceptive" Search Ads
    Ben Edelman's False and Deceptive Pay-Per-Click Ads analysis looks at specific ads on Google.com that seem to violate Google's editorial guidelines and perhaps US laws over "free" services being offered....
  • Yahoo cancels Mexican time capsule ceremony, AFP
  • Url.com - Results Ranked By Users
    The ability to rank or rate results delivered by search engines is slowly becoming more commonplace, and I'm noticing that one or two multi/meta search engines are either incorporating this functionality into search or indeed making a specific feature of it, such as the new URL.com....
  • Cool New Real Estate Tools
    The real estate vertical is one of the most interesting online segments for several reasons. Among them are the tools that have been developed amid intensifying competition. Two relatively new ones are Rentometer from iiProperty, a company that helps manage real-estate investments and rental properties, and Mapvine from a company called Rentvine....
  • Weather Reports: Yahoo Search Update & Google Status Report
    We received two search "weather reports" last night, the first from the Yahoo Search Blog that announced that an "index update" that has begun rolling out last night. The other from Matt Cutts blog that informed us of Google's "update on search quality/infrastructure on Google going into the fall."...
  • Stand up for your demographic!, Matt Cutts
    "My favorite podcast is Danny Sullivan’s “The Daily SearchCast” and I listen to it about 30 minutes a day."

  • Yahoo To Support The NOODP Tag; Won't Prevent Display Of Yahoo Directory Title
    Last night, I spoke with Tim Mayer of Yahoo about supporting the NOODP tag at Yahoo. In short, the NOODP tag allows webmasters to tell the search engine not to use the ODP's title in the web search results. MSN was the first to implement the standard, and then Google followed. Tim Mayer said that Yahoo will be supporting the NOODP tag starting next week or the week after. But the tag will not prevent the Yahoo Directory title from displaying in the Yahoo search results....
  • Google Office? How About Google Docs & Spreadsheets, Now Launched
    Google's taken its Writely online word processor, combined it with the Google Spreadsheets product released in June and put the two out in a combined new service called Google Docs & Spreadsheets. Visit the site, and you can create a text document or spreadsheet depending on your needs. Why not call it Google Office? Google told me they felt that name already had obvious connotations of another product out there [IE, Microsoft Office], and they wanted to underscore that this was a different creature....
  • Google Master Plan Hacked (OK, Erased)
    Several Google offices now have "master plans" written on dry erase boards, but the original one at the Googleplex is probably best known. Googlers and others have added to it over time about things Google might do. Now Robert Scoble reports the board has been erased! "Master Plan 2.0" is apparently being drawn up as we speak....
  • Google reboots its master plan, Robert Scoble
    "The Daily SearchCast is done by Danny Sullivan. I’m listening, I don’t know how I missed this. It’s awesome! Daily Danny. Does it get any better?"

Comments (3)

I'm looking for a shoutout here. I listen to the podcast whilst I'm walking my dog in the morning. I live in Empuriabrava in north east Spain. The sun rising over the Pre-Pyrenees, mixed with rants, sighs, songs and search news is definitely an experience to behold.

Mike Empuria

PS. Like Matt I wouldn't mind an extra six minutes. Walking the dog (his name's Maxime and he'd like a shout out too please) takes 40 minutes. Mike

I think Yahoo cancelled the ceremony not because they were worried about the ruins, but because Danny said it was dumb. So they lowered their heads and walked away. Proud of yourself Danny? ;))

Hey man. You havent posted for the show from today but i want to give my idea for your handle.

Everyone talks about and like the songs..

So it should be Danny "Singing" Sullivan

Maybe thats stupid but i like it..

Anyhow. Great shows and stretch them to an hour if you can... Or atleast have an hour slot that you can go over if you need. You always sound so stressed trying to get it all in..


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