Daily SearchCast, October 12, 2006: Ask.com Gets Mobile Search; Google To Certify Teachers; Microsoft Warns Content Owners About Google & More!

Ask.com Mobile Home Page

Ask.com rolls out a new site for your mobile phone; Microsoft tells you how to roll your own search engine; bugs stop Yahoo ads from being changed; where's Google Blogspot gone?; Google's teacher certification program; Microsoft swipes at Google the content value robber and more!

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Stories Discussed In The Show

  • Ask Mobile Search Launches
    Ask.com has launched a mobile search product at m.ask.com or mobile.ask.com. Ask Mobile is optimized for mobile devices and uses Skweezer throughout to improve readability and download speed on your mobile device. Navigating Ask Mobile was a pleasure on my Treo. You click on links, navigate to them, but especially nice is the ability to type in a number that corresponds to the link you want to navigate to....
  • How To Make Custom Search Engine With Live Search
    The Live Search blog posted today tips on how to build a custom search engine that pulls pages back from sites you select. It seems very similar to when MSN Search added "Search Macros" at the end of March of this year. Yahoo Search Builder and Eureskter have similar offerings....
  • Report: Yahoo, Facebook not eye-to-eye yet, CNNMoney
  • Yahoo's Talks With Facebook Get Bogged Down, Wall Street Journal
  • Yahoo Ranks Highest For IM Services, TechWeb
  • Bug Leaves Advertisers Unable To Change Ads On Yahoo
    As I reported at reported at Search Engine Roundtable twice already, Yahoo has left their search advertising customers out to dry. Advertisers and agencies are reporting they are unable to properly manage their accounts due to a 3+ day old bug in the Yahoo Search Marketing system. Email responses back to Yahoo customers state that Yahoo is aware of the problem but have "no estimated date or time frame for the issue to be resolved." One person emailed Search Engine Watch saying, "Users are unable to view the remaining balance in their accounts, nor are we able to modify or...
  • Google's Blogspot.com Down, Blogger Content Inaccessible
    It seems like most of the morning, Google's Blogspot service that hosts Blogger blogs has been down. For example, I have been trying to access any of the various official Google blogs such as the main one here, and they all time out or return a 500 server error. The same is true for the Google Press Blog, as well as any site using the blogspot.com domain, it seems. FYI - it seems that www.blogger.com is also down....
  • Google Blog: Please Get Descriptive With Your Headlines!
  • Google For Educators & Become A "Google Certified Teacher"
    Google has launched a special Google For Educators site with designed for teachers and educators. The site consolidates many of Google's products in one area, where each product is pitched to educators with special guidance about how it might be used by teachers and educators. If you are an educator, you can become a "Google Certified Teacher" by attending the Google Teacher Academy....
  • University of Wisconsin-Madison Joins Google Book Search Project
    University of Wisconsin-Madison is the next university to join Google's Book Search Project. The University has one of the largest collections of historical documents and books in the US, accounting for about 7.2 million holdings. The University houses the famous Wisconsin Historical Society Library which is also part of this project. The University of Wisconsin-Madison has their release here and Google has their release here and Reuters has their article here....
  • Back to School (1986), Internet Movie Database
  • Thanksgiving and Remembrance Day, Canadian Heritage
  • YouTube Community Worried by Google Deal, Associated Press
  • Don't trust anyone over 3, Google Morning Silicon Valley (Google as "old school")
  • colbert googel bought youtube, 5000
  • Ballmer: YouTube Overvalued & Google Transferring Wealth From Content Owners
    The Web According to Ballmer from BusinessWeek has Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer questioning the value of the Google-YouTube deal and oddly warning that Google is transferring wealth away from rights holders. It's an odd statement, since that's what Microsoft wants to do as well....
  • Defamatory Message Board Post Costs One Individual $11.3M in Lawsuit, Search Engine Roundtable
  • Pssst. People are Talking... About Your Business!, ClickZ
  • New Tool Measures Your Blog Juice
    Text Link Ads has released a new fun tool named Blog Juice Calculator. You basically enter in your site/blog URL, and it tells you have juicy your site is. Search Engine Watch is a whooping 8.8, the SEW Blog is an 8.6, my search blog is a 8.3. Patrick Gavin of Text Link Ads told me, "Blog Juice calculates its score from Bloglines RSS subscriber data, Alexa rank, Technorati rank, and Technorati inlinks. It is not a perfectly accurate data tool but is fun to compare your blog to others in your vertical."...
  • Getting Hacked a New Link Building / Bait Idea?, Search Engine Roundtable
  • Resources For Finding Statistics For Any Web Site
    Rand over at SEOMoz wrote an excellent post detailing all the different resources publicly available to gather statistical data on pretty much any web site out there. He breaks down the tools into several parts including "Technical Data," "Ownership/Hosting Data," "Statistics/Popularity Data," "Search Engine Indexing Data," "Link Data," "Social Tagging Data," "Third-Party Trust Metrics," "Important Directory & Site Listings," and "Press & Media Mentions." This comprehensive list of resources is bookmark-worthy and I seriously hope Rand keeps this particular post up-to-date....
  • Sex.com ends up with Playboy, SFGate.com

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Great show today. Felt like a newb for not knowing about that scam but i know now.. lol.

I just got an email from my boss and they are going to fund my trip to PubCon and so i am approved and looking forward to the trip. It is my first time to a conference but i am learning alot fast since i got in the webmaster radio group.

If it is not too intrusive i wouldnt mind saying hi and having a beer or something one of the days. I know you are super busy but would like to put a face to the name. i am going to be around in this game and only gonna learn more and try my best to add when i can.

Anyhow. Hope i can catch ya there without being an annoying new guy.. lol

Brent Csutoras

You spoke of smartphones today. I went on your site with my Treo 650 and while I can make out the top header area, all your text appears to be black on black in the content area.

Just thought you might want to know about that.


Thanks for the shout out Danny!
I wonder if the mocking would work the other way. Say if you mocked Google for not giving $1000 worth of presents to all Adwords advertisers for Christmas. Would they do it out of shame? ;)

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