Daily SearchCast, Nov. 8, 2006: Yahoo Wins Election Results Race; YouTube Buy Doesn't Involve Big Legal Payoffs Says Schmidt; Microsoft's Sexy Ms. Dewey Search & More!

Ms Dewey

Who won the election? Yahoo, at least in terms of giving the most relevant election results information. Meanwhile, Google's Eric Schmidt says no, a big chunk of the YouTube purchase isn't for legal settlements; Google Audio Ads are coming later this year; Like.com lets you search for what celebrities wear; revisiting Microsoft's sexy search engine and more!

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Stories Discussed In The Show

  • In The Election Results Race, Yahoo's The Winner
    Like many Americans, I wanted to know what was up with the vote in the US midterm elections this morning. As a search analyst, I then wanted to know how the search engines performed in helping me find out. The results are in! Yahoo's the winner by far, but I'd still take the New York Times over it. Come along for an illustrated tour....
  • Eric Schmidt At Web 2.0 On YouTube & Other Issues
    John Battelle spoke with Eric Schmidt at Web 2.0 yesterday. What have we got? YouTube's growth made it a necessary purchase. No, money's not set aside to cover YouTube legal claims. Yes, you can have your date if you want it, users. No, Google's not trying to take out Microsoft Office. Plus some more below....
  • Google Audio Ads To Be Tested By End Of Year
    Google positioning for move into U.S. radio from Reuters has Google saying that Google Audio Ads will begin testing by the end of the year. Google says over time, up to 1,000 Googlers might be involved. The article, as does Google to Boost Scope Of Radio-Ad Sales Business from the Wall Street Journal , touches on the idea that a deal involving a radio player like Clear Channel might kick start things. But rumors of talks remain that, rumors. Meanwhile, I still find myself amazed that Google is doing absolutely nothing in terms of podcasts. Online video, it can't...
  • Google Video Adds Rating Sort & Label Search Filter
    The Google Video Blog announced that they have added two new search features. The first feature is to allow you to sort a search query by user ratings. The second feature allows you to search by keyword and append a label (tag) you want to filter that search by....
  • Text Link Ads Aquired By MediaWhiz
    Text Link Ads has been acquired by MediaWhiz as of yesterday. Text Link Ads (TLA) sells text advertisements on web sites and RSS feeds, they also have a publisher network where small publishers can earn money selling TLA ads on their own site. The dollar figures were not disclosed as part of the release. The Link Building Blog says notes that "the people you will be dealing with tomorrow at TLA will be the same people you have always dealt with since our doors opened in 2003." They will be moving from Cincinnati to New York in a few months...
  • Australia Can Go Back To "Pre-Internet Era"; Warns Google, Digg

  • Google's Consumer Packaged Goods Blog
    Threadwatch reported that Google launched a new blog at http://google-cpg.blogspot.com/. The blog is named the Google CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) blog. What they write about are marketing ideas that they find on the web and they use at Google. As an example, they wrote about the Coke + Mentos viral video....
  • Like.com Offers Visual Fashion Search
    Image search company Riya has applied its matching technology to a new fashion shopping site called Like. The idea is that you if you find a fashion item you like -- a particular handbag, pair of shoes, watch or jewelry -- the search engine will find related products by examining the actual image. You can keyword search, browse products or browse items worn by celebrities to get matches. I love watches, so I gave it a spin. In particular, I have a large collection of Swatches. So, I started off to see what swatches would bring back. I got...
  • Google's SearchMash Gets Features & Microsoft's Sexy, Experimental Ms. Dewey Search
    Google's experimental search engine SearchMash has gained some new features while the sexy Ms. Dewey search engine is now outed as Microsoft's experimental search engine. Ms. Dewey came to light last month. I spotted it via the Google Operating System blog, checked it out and promptly dissed it as a waste of time at the end of a Daily SearchCast episode on Oct. 16. The site features an attractive woman who stands above a search box:...
  • WebmasterWorld PubCon 2006 Coverage Schedule, Search Engine Roundtable
  • How Pubcon is Like Star Wars, Graywolf

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