Daily SearchCast, Nov. 9, 2006: Microsoft And Ask Talk Taking On Google; Search Acquisitions Charted; Does Digg Beat Google For Breaking News & More!

Steve Berkowitz & Jim Lanzone At Web 2.0
Photo from kennejima at Flickr

Microsoft, Ask and Fox talk about taking on and dealing with Google at the Web 2.0 Summit. What's in Google's new SEC filing? Can't keep up with the search acquisitions? A new chart might help! Google emails a virus to 50,000. Is Digg better than Google for news? Check out a new place for famous video clips and more!

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Stories Discussed In The Show


  • Microsoft, Ask & Fox On Google At Web 2.0
    Photo from kennejima at Flickr Yesterday, Ask and Microsoft talked about taking on Google at the Web 2.0 Summit. But honestly, the highlight for me was the image of Microsoft's Steve Berkowitz sitting next to Ask's Jim Lanzone. Lanzone use to work for Steve, then took over his spot running Ask when Steve left. Both remain good friends, and it was cool to see them up on that panel side by side. ZDNet covered what they said, plus they have an even better side-by-side photo. Jim's push in taking on Google is that its vulnerability is being distracted by...
  • Google Video Sued, Plus More Info From New SEC Filing
    The Associate Press reports that Google Video was actually sued for copyright infringement but yet, Google did not reveal who actually sued them. The lawsuit was disclosed by Google via a quarterly filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (link via Gary, but we do not know much more. PaidContent reports (site currently down), that Google may loan YouTube money prior to closing the deal with them, in order to help them settle or battle certain lawsuits.... 
  • Google, Microsoft & Yahoo Acquisitions Charted
    Via VentureBeat, Acquisition Mashup: Google-Microsoft-Yahoo from Shmula is a nice chart listing acquisitions by Google, Yahoo and Microsoft together. Click on any item to learn more about the purchase. I wish there was a way to reduce the font size, so that you could see more of the chart -- or perhaps a way to make it go vertical, rather than horizontal. Still, very cool. Related, see this analysis of some Google acquisitions by Bill over at SEO By The Sea, this list from Wikipedia for Google, this chart for Google from Tristan Louis and this expanded chart based...
  • Google Sends Porn Worm To 50,000+ Subscribers
    'Porn' worm sent to 50,000 after Google blunder from Silicon.com covers how Google accidentally sent a worm to the official Google Video Blog email list The worm apparently, which came in the form of pornography sent to the group, which had over 50,000 subscribers at the time. The Kama Sutra email, also known as W32/Kapser.A worm, was "designed to overwrite files on infected computers on a specific date." If you got this email and downloaded the file, it is important that you run antivirus software on your computer. Google promised to try to not do that again. Postscript From Danny:...
  • Another Odd Post To An Official Google Blog Raises Security Concerns, Search Engine Watch Blog
  • Google Offers Free Transactions For Google Checkout Merchants To Compete With PayPal
    Over the past few days, everyone was talking about Google Checkout is offering free transactions throughout the remainder of the year. The LA Times reports that this move is to compete with PayPal by encouraging PayPal merchants to give Google Checkout a try. They also have Eric Schmidt saying that the purpose behind Google Checkout is to "generate commissions and encourage more merchants to buy ads." I believe so far, many merchants are not quick to adopt Google Checkout....
  • AdWords Advertisers Can Site Target Specific AdSense Publisher Channels
    As an advertiser, there are often times when you want to site target a particular site running AdSense, but your particular product or service is really only relevant to a specific portion of the site. Or you might only want your ads running in a specific ad unit, such as the one running above the fold front and center. Google has released a new custom channel targeting feature that will allow advertisers to do that....
  • Google Released AdWords Diagnostic Preview & Beta Tests Account Snapshot
    Big day for AdWords, they released a neat way to quickly see the status of a particular keyword running in a campaign. As I explained with Google Launches AdWords Diagnostic Tool With Magnifying Glass, there should now be a little magnifying glass within your Ad Groups by each keyword, when clicked, it should open a little DHTML box with the status and health of that keyword phrase. Google is also testing an "Account Snapshot" feature, as reported at SEO Optimise, that shows a screen shot of a new page that shows a snapshot of your account on one page. The...
  • Google Displaying Really Long Snippets?, Search Engine Roundtable
  • Digg Beats Google News on the Rumsfeld Story, Micro Persuasion
  • In The Election Results Race, Yahoo's The Winner, Search Engine Watch Blog
  • Australia's Proposed Copyright Rules Would Make Search Engines Impossible, Warns Google, Search Engine Watch Blog
  • Australia Can Go Back To "Pre-Internet Era"; Warns Google, Digg

  • Yahoo Shows Off Selected Contributions From The Time Capsule
    RedOrbit reports that Yahoo has presented selected contributions from the Yahoo Time Capsule project at the ancient pueblo of Jemez in New Mexico. The 15-hour presentation showed off pictures, videos, poems and stories from thousands of people who have uploaded files up to the Yahoo Time Capsule. The contributions were also "sent into space via a digital laser light beam from the canyon" in New Mexico. Reportedly, over 70,000 multimedia files were submitted to the Yahoo project since opening up on October 10th....
  • Grouper's ScreenBites gives you famous video/TV clips, VentureBeat
  • Add Any YouTube Video You iLike to iTunes, Marketing Pilgrim
  • Best of Google Earth, Google Blogoscoped
  • Leaked e-mail: Googleplex adds chefs to microkitchens, becomes even more of a Shangri-la, Valleywag

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