Daily SearchCast, Jan. 16, 2007: Google Up, Microsoft Down In Search Ratings; Wikiseek Fails To Deliver; Google Drops Competing Map Links & More

New stats from comScore find Google continues to rise in popularity as Microsoft continues to sink. A new search engine tapping into Wikipedia doesn't deliver promised better results. Google drops long-standing links to competing map services. Plus, a cool Google Maps-based flight simulator and more!

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Stories Discussed In The Show

  • comScore: Google Wins Again & IE7 Doesn't Stop Microsoft's Slide
    It's that time again -- search popular stats for last month are coming out. Actually, Hitwise sent me their figures earlier this month but I'm diving in with the comScore figures that just came out. The main real news is despite the Internet Explorer 7 launch, Microsoft's Live continues to show a drop in usage....
  • Wikiseek: Leveraging Wikipedia For Web Search, Poorly
    The Wikipedia search engine has arrived -- Wikiseek -- but it's not the Wikipedia search engine you're thinking of. Wikiseek is completely different than the Search Wikia project backed by Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales that I wrote about last month. Below, a look at the disappointing new service along with a revisit to how it is different from Search Wikia. The idea behind Wikiseek is simple. Crawl only content referred to within Wikipedia itself, which the site boasts will make it better:...
  • The Wikipedia Threat to Google's Empire, Micro Persuasion
  • More Spotting Google's Related Searches At Bottom Of Page
    Last month, we reported how Google was testing related searches at the bottom of search results pages, which Google's Matt Cutts confirmed in comments on our post. In the past few days, I've seen a flood of further posts about related searches as more and more people spot these. Yes, they do seem to be more noticeable and frequently appearing. I've been getting them myself over the past two days. You get a series of eight suggested searches as links, under the heading of "Searches related to:" followed by the original word you searched for....
  • Google No Longer Linking To Yahoo, MapQuest Maps
    Search Engine Land got an email this morning from Another Blogger alerting us to the apparent fact that Google had removed links to Yahoo and MapQuest maps. Previously, a search for "541 Lexington Avenue New York" (W Hotel), for example, would have yielded a choice among Google Maps, Yahoo and MapQuest. Here's the search result today....
  • Bebo poaches Google exec, The Register
  • Google UK senior managers leave company, Search Latitude
  • SponsoredReviews is Launching Soon, Sponsored Reviews
  • DMOZ Is Accepting Submissions Again, Search Engine Roundtable
  • Cache Date as the New Google PageRank, SEO Book
  • British Newspapers Optimize for Google—and Pay Google, Just to Make Sure, PaidContent.org
  • SEO Blogs Under Hack Attack
    First Graywolf's blog was hacked, then I just found Stuntdubl has gone down when I was about to send some link love his way. I'll hold that for tomorrow. They're not the only ones. The culprit is over here and writes (NOTE: Links no longer work as this WordPress hosted account was promptly suspended for violating the terms of service):...
  • Greg Linden Mothballs Findory
    I never got into Greg Linden's Findory service much. Now after three years, he's announced the personalized information service is effectively being mothballed. What's there should keep working, but he has no plans to expand or improve the service further. I may not have used Findory much, but I've continued to be impressed on Greg's thoughts on search and personalization that he shares via his personal blog. Best of luck, Greg, on whatever you do next....
  • MetaGlossary - Two Million Terms, Phrases And Acronyms
    MetaGlossary provides users with access to over 2 million words, terms and so on. It works in a similar manner to the Google define: function, though I've found that it tends to be rather more comprehensive. Definitions for 'search engine optimization' resulted in 1 related phrase with Google and 15 with MetaGlossary. Google gave a total of 23 definitions while MetaGlossary gave me 85 definitions. To be fair, this wasn't always the case, since Google did come up trumps on some terms that I searched for, such as RAC (I was looking for Royal Automobile Club) and the MetaGlossary failed...
  • Googlers Give Overwhelmingly To Democrats; Google's PAC Gave More To Republicans
    Google contributes thousands to conservatives from USA Today looks at how while 98 percent of Google employee money went to Democrats in the last election, the company-controlled Google NetPAC gave 61 percent of its contributions to conservative candidates. Then again, donations of $31,000 were tiny and the "company" PAC has donations that come almost entirely from only seven employees, hardly feeling that much like a real company effort....
  • Israeli PM Gets The Google Bomb, WebProNews
  • Terrorists 'use Google maps to hit UK troops', Daily Telegraph
  • Doctor Finds Cure In Google Scholar, WebProNews
  • Google boss in NZ 'on holiday', Stuff.co.nz
  • Google Maps Flight Simulator, Google Operating System

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