Daily SearchCast, Jan. 31, 2007: Yahoo's "Brand Universe" Microsites; Stumbling Upon StumbleUpon; MyBlogLog Slugfest & More

Yahoo plans to unite much of its user-generated content around 100 or so brand microsites; StumbleUpon makes it easier for site owners to understand how they get traffic from the service; Jeremy Zawodny and Andy Beal duke it out over what's an appropriate MyBlogLog promotion; an alternative to Yahoo's ailing keyword research tool and more.

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Stories Discussed In The Show

  • Yahoo To Build "Brand Universe" To Connect Entertainment Brands
    Yahoo Planning to Add 100 Web Sites for Entertainment at the New York Times reports that Yahoo is creating a new portal named "Brand Universe." Brand Universe will connect "individual Web sites around 100 entertainment “brands” this year that would pull together content from Yahoo’s sprawling array of online properties."...
  • TV veterans Gail Berman and Lloyd Braun form production company, Los Angeles Times
  • More Letters Of The Social Media Alphabet
    Last week, Neil Patel wrote an article about the social media alphabet. It gave a brief overview of Digg, Netscape, Reddit, and StumbleUpon. While Neil did a great job of covering the social news sites, I wanted to chime in and cover some of the other letters of the...
  • StumbleUpon's New Webmaster Friendly Referral Page
    I regularly check our traffic referral sources, and StumbleUpon is often a large one. Today I noticed that the StumbleUpon referral page has been changed to make it easier for site owners to understand how they got StumbleUpon traffic -- plus StumbleUpon uses the new format as an opportunity to...
  • Boorah Restaurant Reviews: Zagat On Steroids
    Does the Internet really need another local restaurant review site? Yes say the founders of Boorah, a new vertical search destination and aggregator of local restaurant reviews. Boorah collects reviews from existing local search and content sites, summarizes and enhances the data and builds additional features on top....
  • Jeremy Zawodny Get A Damn Clue, Marketing Pilgrim
  • I overreact sometimes..., Jeremy Zawodny
  • Search Engine Land - My Blog Log Community
  • Shoemoney - MyBlogLog Community
  • Google, Microsoft, & Yahoo Ask For Help With International Censorship
    News.com reports that Google, Microsoft and Yahoo have asked the U.S. government for help when it comes to international censorship policies and law. The article has some more insight into the challenges the search companies face with countries like China. Right now, Google, Microsoft and Yahoo have to make "moral...
  • How Many Words Should My Articles Be To Rank Well?
    Aaron Wall has an excellent write up named Optimal Word Count & Web Page Copy Length. In short, Aaron explains that there is "no universal correct or incorrect answer to how much content is right." Aaron then goes through tips on how to write good content, that is easy to...
  • Google Can't Use "Gmail" Name In Europe
    Google loses European GMail trademark battle by The Register reports that Google is not allowed to use the trademarked term "GMail" in Europe. The Office for Harmonisation in the Internal Market (OHIM) held that Daniel Giersch's trademark of the term was valid and that Google could not use it....
  • Yahoo To Build New Keyword Tool & Wordtracker Launches Free Tool
    There have been recent reports that the Overture Keyword Suggestion Tool has been sporadically offline. In response to those reports, Yahoo issued a statement telling us that the Overture has been getting hit hard by users but the tool will "continue to exist until we replace it with an improved...

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