Daily SearchCast, April 19, 2007: Grown Up Google Renames Froogle To Google Product Search; Looking For Coupons; Google Taking On StumbleUpon & More!

Google decides Froogle doesn't describe its shopping search engine well enough and renames it Google Product Search. Buying something? Try a new coupon search engine to save money! Google launches a StumbleUpon like page discovery option just as StumbleUpon is rumored to be sold to eBay. Meanwhile, Europe may think Google keeps too much data and more in today's episode.

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Stories Discussed In The Show

  • Goodbye Froogle, Hello Google Product Search!
    Back in December 2002, Google launched its long expected product and shopping search engine. It was called Froogle, a combination of "frugal" and "Google." Just over four years later, Froogle is finally losing its cutesy name for something more descriptive -- to become Google Product Search. It will also...
  • Doogie Howser Meets Starship Troopers
  • Google Adds 'Pennysaver' Content To Maps
    Google has developed one of the most complete local databases online and it is continuing to seek to enhance that information with third party deals. The latest such deal will integrate classifieds, business listings and coupons from Southern CA-based PennySaver, which is published by Harte-Hanks..
  • Judy's Book Launches 'CouponLooker' Search Engine
    People love "deals" and saving money. But you still might be surprised to hear that the total face value of distributed coupons in the U.S. was a whopping $332 billion in 2006 (most of which were never redeemed) and that more than 79% of the U.S. population uses coupons. There...
  • StumbleUpon Acquired By eBay: "Just Rumors," Says Founder
    The blogosphere is abuzz with rumors that eBay is acquiring StumbleUpon, but they're "just rumors," Garrett Camp, one of StumbleUpon's founders just told me on the phone. "There have been rumors before and that's what they are now," Camp said. Of course, if the company is in play Camp would...
  • Google Offers "Queryless Search" & Personalized Recommendations
    Google is rolling out two features today that subtly but meaningfully enhance the level of personalization offered to anyone with a Google account. And while they're tied to your search behavior, they don't directly alter the standard search results you see, even if you've enabled personalization by searching while signed...
  • EU Group May Serve Google With Letter Over Data Retention Policies
    Google might be receiving a letter from the European Union's Article 29 Data Protection Working Party relating to the company's data retention policies. What's in the letter -- if there are concerns, requests, demands -- is unknown at this point. No one yet seems to have a copy of the...
  • Yahoo Sued For Allegedly Helping Jail Wang Xiaoning
    Chinese couple sues Yahoo for man's imprisonment from Reuters reports that Wang and Yu Ling has sued Yahoo in the U.S. District Court for Northern California for allegedly helping the Chinese government prosecute Wang Xiaoning. The filing said that while Wang Xiaoning was in custody, he was "subjected to torture...
  • American Blinds Suit Against Google Over Trademarks To Go To Trial
    Judge won't dismiss Google trademark suit from Reuters reports that the long-standing lawsuit over keywords linked to trademarked terms filed by American Blinds against Google will continue to trial. Google's request for summary judgment has been denied. Google's won in two similar suits within the US. Courtesy of Gary...
  • Experian Acquires Hitwise For $240 Million
    Experian Groups has acquired Hitwise for about $240 million. Experian posted and Hitwise posted their respective press releases on the announcement....
  • Google Webmaster Central Provides More Detailed Anchor Text Reporting
    Vanessa Fox of Google Webmaster Central announced an upgrade to their anchor text reports. On March 15th Danny reported that Google Now Reporting Anchor Text Phrases but yet, still had a wish list. Google has added features for some, but not all of those wishes. The new features include: Number...
  • Fifty Questions You Need Answered Before Starting Your SEO Campaign
    An online business owner basically has two choices when it comes to their website marketing efforts. They can outsource it or they can do it in-house. Both of these options bring a number of secondary options to choose from and its up to the business owner to do what...
  • QueryCAT - Search FAQs
    QueryCat is a search engine that is designed to search frequently asked questions, and they claim to have the largest database of these, by using the Alexa web crawler. They have apparently indexed over 2 million questions and answers (though this information isn't on the website) which is a fair...
  • Google Testing Grouping Search Results By Category
    Lee Odden spotted Google testing this very unusual user interface. In short, some of his searches are displaying Google results that are grouped by category. I used Lee's screen capture and cropped it a bit to fit here....
  • Does Yahoo Filter SERPs for Social Media Criticizing Yahoo?, AIM Clear Blog

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Thanks for all the info your team and affiliates provide. I'm a fairly new web developer (3 yrs.) and try to listen to your podcasts daily. All the information given, fills my appetite for more SEO info. Keep up the good work!


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