Daily SearchCast, April 24, 2007: "Virtually Free" Click Fraud; Finding Lyrics Via Yahoo; Google At Passport Control & More!

What is "virtually free" when it comes to click fraud? How should search marketing be priced? A new way to find music lyrics via Yahoo. Should you worry about Google when it comes to US border controls? And more in today's episode!

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Stories Discussed In The Show

  • Our Dog Daisy, Daggle
  • Meet My Cat Ozzie, Matt Cutts
  • Less Than 5% Click Fraud Makes You "Virtually Free"
    When the search engines and auditing firms don't even agree on an overall industry rate of click fraud, I was bemused by a release I got today telling me that ABCSearch is now "validated as virtually free of click fraud" according to Click Defense. Virtually free to me means practically...
  • Search Marketing Agency Pricing Models
    Pricing structures and rates aren’t secret in established service industries. Real estate agents get 3% to 6% of the house’s price; recruiters get 1/3 of total first year comp; trial lawyers take 33% of the settlement; list brokers charge 20%. While specifics vary, each industry has conventional pricing arrangements....
  • Do Traditional Agencies Still Snub Search?, ClickZ
  • Domaining & Subdomaining In The Local Space - Part 1:
    The practices of domaining and subdomaining have steadily grown into increasingly hot topics in the local search marketing space for the past few years. "Domaining" is the practice of buying domains mainly for their potential keyword value. Speculators purchase keyword domains with a view towards selling those properties at...
  • PhoneSpots Launches Mobile 'Ad Exchange,' Announces AT&T Deal
    Directory assistance vendor PocketThis has rebranded as PhoneSpots and relaunched a new mobile ad "exchange." The company has been around since 1999 and pioneered the "send to mobile" feature now in widespread use on local search sites. PocketThis originally offered enhanced results (additional content and links) from directory assistance queries...
  • BooRah And 4Info Partner For SMS Restaurant Search
    Restaurant reviews aggregator BooRah, which describes itself as "the ultimate personalized review guide," has partnered with 4Info for SMS distribution of BooRah's content on the 4Info text messaging platform. Here's the announcement. Accordingly, users will be able to access BooRac's content using 4Info's service....
  • Free Webcast This Thursday: Revving Up For Mobile Search Marketing
    I moderated the two mobile search panels at SES New York a couple of weeks ago, and was fascinated by how quickly the mobile search space is moving from a potential to a real opportunity for savvy search marketers. Mobile search is still in its infancy, but it's clearly on...
  • Yahoo China Ordered To Remove Links To Unlicensed Music
    China court orders Yahoo China to curb music links from Reuters reports Beijing's No. 2 Intermediate Court has ordered Yahoo China to remove "links to free Web sites offering music-downloads." In addition, Yahoo China has to pay 200,000 yuan ($27,200 US) "facilitating distribution" of this music. Yahoo China said they...
  • Yahoo Partners With Gracenote To Provide Lyrics For 400,000 Songs
    Yahoo strikes deal to catalog lyrics online from San Jose Mercury News reports on Yahoo's announcement that they have partnered with Gracenote to provide the lyrics of over 400,000 songs. The general manager of Yahoo Music, Ian Rogers, explained that this partnership "fills a huge, gaping hole out there." Since...
  • Bigger Levers For Your Social Media Campaign
    We all know that getting on the homepage of social media sites such as Digg, Del.icio.us and Netscape can drive tons of links and traffic, which is why we try and leverage these social sites on a regular basis. But are you leveraging them fully? Below, some tips not...
  • Top 17 Niche Social Media Sites (That Actually Send Traffic), Tropical SEO
  • New US Border Check Tool: Google
    Via Boing Boing, LSD as Therapy? Write about It, Get Barred from US from The Tyee covers how Canadian psychotherapist Andrew Feldmar was denied entry into the United States after being pulled aside during a border crossing for a random check. One of those fancy explosive sniffing machines then get...
  • MARISSA MAYER: The icing queen, Valleywag
  • DAVOS: Sergey Brin at the geek olympics, Valleywag
  • Sex lube co's data breach exposes 250K+ personal records, Boing Boing

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