Daily SearchCast, Jan. 16, 2008: Google Charity Cash; Yahoo IDs Get Open; SEO Rockstar Blues & More!

Google's giving away charity cash. Now your Yahoo logon opens more doors. Being a star in the SEM community -- but is it worth it? Election videos, assemble. Library Of Congress puts images on Flickr and more, in today's show!

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Stories Discussed In The Show

  • Google.org To Announce Five Strategic Initiatives Today
    Today, Thursday, January 17, 2008 at 9:00am PST (12:00pm EST), Google.org will be holding a conference call to discuss the launch of five strategic initiatives for the organization. The conference call participants include Sheryl Sandberg, Vice President, Global Online Sales and Operations, Google Inc. and Board Member, Google.org and Larry...
  • OpenID Gaining Critical Mass, Yahoo Announces Support
    OpenID is a single sign-in infrastructure that potentially alleviates the need to create new passwords and user names for every new site one joins or visits. There's been lots of discussion about OpenID and who's in, who's almost in and so on. Today, Yahoo formally joined (and fully legitimized) the...
  • Microsoft And EDGAR Online In Content, Ads Deal
    Microsoft and EDGAR Online have formed an alliance to provide content and ads to one another's sites. According to a press release just out: "Microsoft will be the exclusive third-party provider of display, contextual and video advertising for EDGAR Online and its global audience of more than 2 million unique...
  • B2B SEO: Capturing Geo-Specific Search
    Local search results are great for B2B if your physical location is in the middle of the city you serve—and your prospects actually use search terms that include the name of your city. But what if you serve a broader region (e.g., Northern California)? Or what if your office...
  • When Should You Outsource Your Pay-Per-Click Campaigns?
    If you are a one-person show, you have to balance everything for your site -- from writing content, doing backend and technical work, research, promotions, advertising and just about everything else that goes along with being a self-employed webmaster. Managing pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns is just one of the many...
  • Why The SEO Industry Needs Small Business
    Here's the primary thing on my mind as we begin 2008: If we, the search/online marketing industry, don't do a better job of helping the small business owner understand and adopt the best practices of search marketing, we are doomed to irrelevance. "Oh, but there's no money in small...
  • Why You Should Reveal SEO Secrets To Clients
    When you buy search services, some agencies merely provide a general overview of their SEO methodology without revealing any details. They claim this relieves the client from being bogged down in the minutiae of implementation. In reality though, these firms are simply trying to keep their intellectual property under...
  • Why I do not like 95% of SEO Experts, Shoemoney
  • Shoemoney, That Really Sucks, Sphinn
  • Guest Post: SEO Kaleidoscope: Exploring the various facets of search engine optimization, SEO Book
  • The SEMMYS Launch, The Whineys TBA - Sugarrae
  • Sour Grapes and Bad Vibes Fester in the Search Marketing Industry, Cre8PC
  • SMX West: Is It Time For Search Marketing Standards?
  • Truveo Creates New Election Videos Site
    AOL's video search engine Truveo has created a new election videos site/area that collects candidate videos as well as commentary and news footage. Truveo claims the site is more comprehensive in terms of its sources and range of content than others. YouTube offers YouChoose, featuring candidate and user-generated videos, and...
  • The Library of Congress Teams Up With Flickr
    The Library of Congress has teamed up with Flickr to create The Commons. The Library of Congress has added a sample of their over one million photos to Flickr, so that the Flickr community can help describe the photos through tagging. My Friend Flickr: A Match Made in Photo Heaven...
  • Four Reasons To Avoid Using Dates In URLs
    Everything you do has a chance to provide a clean or dirty signal of relevancy to search engines and searchers. While a date in the URL may provide a signal of relevancy to some searchers looking for archived information, many people who are explicitly looking for old information will...

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