Daily SearchCast, March 27, 2008: YouTube Stats, SEO Standards & More

YouTube provides more stats about your videos, but don't get too excited. Do we need SEO standards? Google's paid clicks are down again. Google goes dark for Earth Hour and more!

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Stories Discussed In The Show

  • YouTube Insight: View Your YouTube Video Statistics
    The YouTube Blog and Google Blog announced YouTube Insight, YouTube's new video statistics area. In short, additional statistics are now available to users who upload videos to YouTube. You can get stats on the number of views per day your video received, where those viewers are in the world and...
  • Details Posted On Google Webmaster Centrals Live Chat Session
    I have more details on the Google live chat session that is taking place this Friday. Adam Lasnik posted the agenda, which starts at 8:45am (PST) this Friday and ends at 10am (PST). In short, Google will give an introduction, then do site reviews, then a topic on image search,...
  • We Don't Need SEO Standards!
    Last month I attended the SMX West session in Santa Clara entitled Is it Time for Search Marketing Standards? It was an interesting session, but I wasn't really sure where I stood on the issue at the time. Now that I've had a few weeks to think about it,...
  • Google February Paid Clicks Lousy (Again)*, Silicon Alley Insider
  • Earth Hour: Google Shuts Out The Lights In Israel
    Google Israel turned out the lights and flipped their white background color to black for שעת כדור הארץ (aka Earth Hour). What is ironic is that we reported in the past that Google argued that black uses more energy that white. In any event, Google will likely close the shades...
  • Journalist Math: If you round up, Larry Page turns 40 today, Valleywag

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