Daily SearchCast, June 24, 2008: Google Launches Ad Planner; Map Maker To Fill In World & More

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Stories Discussed In The Show

  • Google Ad Planner Launches, Offers Site Demographic Profiles
    Google has launched Google Ad Planner as an invite-only beta. It's designed to allow advertisers to identify sites with demographics they're interested in -- even sites that aren't part of Google's advertising network....
  • Symbian Mobile Platform To Become Free, Rivaling Android & iPhone
    The Symbian mobile software is already what Android aspires to be: the world's dominant smartphone operating system (it runs Nokia smartphones, among others). But it isn't free, or I should say wasn't free until today. Nokia announced that it was buying the shares of Symbian that it doesn't own --...
  • Google Introduces Map Maker For "Uncharted" Regions
    There's an interesting analogy to the 15th and 16th Centuries when European explorers (or colonialists) were out sailing and mapping the globe. The world was not entirely known and mapped at that time. So it is today on the Internet. While many areas are highly developed and well documented in...
  • Google Adds "Report Images" To Web Search Results
    Finding adult images on Google by doing an ordinary web search is not all that uncommon these days. In fact, I reported one such as in March and another case this morning at the Search Engine Roundtable. What I also noticed this morning was a new feature to "report images"...
  • Google The "Moral Compass" Of The US Justice System?
    What's Obscene? Google Could Have an Answer from the New York Times documents a case that is underway in the US legal system where Google Trends was brought in to determine the morality of what is sexually explicit content. The case is about a web site that contained sexual content...

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