Daily SearchCast, June 25, 2008: Will GooHoo Happen? Does Google Know Too Much? & More

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Stories Discussed In The Show

  • GooHoo Faces Hurdles, Yahoo And Microsoft In Talks Again?
    Earlier today TechCrunch reported that Yahoo and Microsoft were in acquisition talks again. However Silicon Alley Insider says that's incorrect and it's only about search. But that doesn't make much sense either given the recent rejection of that very proposal by Yahoo, unless the terms now being discussed are substantially...
  • Mr. Google, Tear Down This Google Trends Wall!
    About two seconds after Google Trends For Websites came out, people started noticing that one company's websites oddly had no data available -- Google's own. Google will tell you all about the traffic to competitors like Yahoo and Microsoft but gives away nothing about itself. The same is true..

  • The Evil Side of Google? Exploring Google's User Data Collection

  • Behavioral Targeting Under Fire As ISP Backs Away From Tracking Subscriber Activities
    Privacy is dead, get used to it. In the effort to rescue display advertising from its historically dismal performance and so-called "banner blindness" behavioral targeting (BT) was born a few years ago with Tacoda. It has both increased in popularity and infamy since that time. Consumers prefer more "relevant" ads...
  • Everything You Wanted To Know About Google's Android
    Well, sort of. If you're a developer you can get that information on the Android site. But if you're interested in the history of Android, how much Google may have paid for the platform and its hypothetical outlook, you can read this long Wired article. (You can also read my...
  • Google Posts Official Webmaster Help Group Chat Recordings, Transcript & Presentations
    Google has posted the official blog post summarizing last week's live chat event. Yes, we did post the unofficial version on Thursday night, but now we have the official version live for viewing. Q&A Transcript available via Google GroupsJohn's Personalized Search Presentation via Google PresentationsMaile's Case Sensitivity in Web Search...
  • Wednesday Webcast with Greg Sterling - National Brands Marketing Local
    On Wednesday, Search Engine Land's contributing editor Greg Sterling will look at the current landscape of local search, and how brand marketers can take advantage of this evolving channel - in a webcast titled "National Brands Marketing Local." Research indicates that 82% of consumers who use a local search site...
  • What's a 404 to Do?
    Have you ever written a blog post or an article and after publishing it, gotten an email telling you that one of your links is broken? It happens to all of us once in a while. But what happens to the links that slip through the cracks and remain...
  • Interview: Carter Maslan On Google's Local Business Center Upgrade
    Google Maps recently introduced a new user interface for the Local Business Center. There were some issues with the upgrade and Carter Maslan, Google's Director of Product Management for Local, agreed to answer some of my questions about the process in a phone conversation. Below, selected excerpts from our conversation:...
  • June 2008 California Fire Maps
    Wildfires, again, in my home state of California. People are looking for maps of where they are at, so here are some resources:...

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